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What’s the most effective skincare regime today?

Keeping up with skincare innovations is a full-time job these days. From skin immunity-boosters to super-powered peptides to exotic antioxidants, chemists are working around the clock to develop new serums, moisturizers and creams that keep us looking younger, longer. But what actually constitutes a modern skincare regime?

The most effective skincare regimes incorporate three components: repair, transformation and optimization. It’s the backbone of Arden Active Skincare. The bottom of the skincare pyramid is repair and this is essential to healthy skin. The goal is to support skin’s natural repair process. This starts with broad spectrum sunscreen and environmental protection. Free radicals are the biggest danger to skin and they are caused by UV rays – both long and short wave rays. A good sunscreen is the first line of protection. But even good sunscreens can leak allowing free radicals to develop. So the next line of defense is protein protection anti-oxidants and DNA enzyme complex. These incredible ingredients scavenge free radicals and stop them before they cause damage.

The most effective skincare regimes incorporate three components: repair, transformation and optimization.

It’s important to know that our bodies have built-in repair systems. They do search for free radicals and work to repair any DNA damage. But when the amount of free radicals that develop become overwhelming, the body needs extra ingredients from topical creams and serums. You’ll find your body has to work harder after you are out in the sun for a full day to repair the damage. That added UV bombardment means skin will be fighting free radicals for up to 24 hours.

The second level of good skincare is transformation. You want to have products that make a difference to skin. Use the example of a grape versus a raisin. Plump grapes are full of moisture. Skin is similar. You want a good hyaluronic acid to attract and lock in moisture. The next step is to focus on exfoliation. That is because our ability to shed dead skin cells slows down over time resulting in dull, sallow complexions. Retinoids (vitamin A and its derivatives) and alpha hydroxy acids are key ingredients. You can see a dramatic difference in skin’s appearance, including diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement in the look of uneven skin texture and tone, and firmness.

And the final step or top of the skincare pyramid is optimization. This is the highest level of natural skin repair and we look to peptides and growth factors to really help skin look its best. Skin can be described as a factory – you have equipment and workers. You have to repair the equipment then energize the workers to achieve peak efficiency. This maximizes skin transformation.

A Stronger Stratum Corneum

Superstart.hires-copyNew aggressors: Pollution, stress, & daily life in urban environments are adding huge stress on the stratum corneum or upper layer of the skin.

The discovery: researchers in the past did not understand how important a role the stratum corneum plays in skin health. It needs to be strong and protected in order for skin to fight the aging process effectively. Scientists haven’t applied the same science to the stratum corneum as the other layers. They are taking a much closer look now and making some striking discoveries.

Description: The structure of the stratum corneum can be likened to a brick wall: cells filled with proteins (bricks) are embedded in essential lipids (mortar). When dry and weakened, the lipids can decrease leaving the cells to collapse.

The product: SuperStart Skin Renewal Booster.

The formula: SuperStart is applied on skin immediately after cleansing. It helps strengthen skin and has been proven to make all your other products work more efficiently. Think of it as a skin booster.

Star ingredients: Probiotic complex, sea fennel, and flaxseed extract.

New approach: Most skincare products add ingredients into the skin to achieve a certain effect. SuperStart adds ingredients to help the skin hydrate and repair itself. It supports overall skin health. For example, the product stimulates the body’s aqua pores to better distribute water to the top layer of the skin. It also helps the body produce more lipids.



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