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Trish McEvoy’s America

Trish McEvoy’s America Celebrity makeup artist Trish McEvoy quietly launched a luxury beauty empire in 1975 that fundamentally simplified and organized the art of makeup. Part teacher, part innovator, McEvoy took fine quality makeup formulas and developed a Makeup Planner beauty organizer that de-mystified beauty for millions of women. Complementary colour stories were housed in clear sleeves beside the proper hand-shaped brushes. Clear, precise application instruction was taught. Soon the likes of Dame Judi Dench and Angelina Jolie became loyal clients trusting Trish’s technique and keen colour sense.

And while Trish is an America beauty icon today, she actually grew up in Europe, born into the industry through her grandmother’s Berlin perfumery. “I moved here at the age of 12, right before my teenage years. It was a time of change and fashion reflected that.  I remember a feeling of absolute freedom and opportunity.  It was the 1960s and the spirit of rebellion combined with the American Dream instilled in me a sense that anything and everything was possible,” says McEvoy.

trish mcevoy

“I remember being very inspired by model Jean Shrimpton. She was the epitome of glamour to me as a teenager. The way she wore her eyeliner and created contour in the crease of the eye still influences me today. I’ve created a modern version of that look on Angelina Jolie in the past. It’s a classic, defined, gorgeous beauty.” She says frequent trips to the movie theatre on weekends further fueled her dreams of beauty. “Faye Dunaway in Chinatown took my breath away. The visuals were so incredible.”

“American beauty today is about confidence. It can be natural or glamorous. Women have many moods and we are a country that embraces that. When a woman looks good, she feels good. And when she feels good, she looks even better.  What I’ve learned over the years is that whatever does the trick for each woman is completely individual.  But I believe a little effort goes a long way.”  She says the most common mistake she sees is women using products they don’t know how to apply. “They put pieces on without applying them strategically and don’t understand what they do for each feature.”  That’s why Trish puts such an emphasis on education at her counters. It’s the reason she published a how-to book The Power of Makeup that remains an industry Bible for professional makeup artists.

jean shimpton

Get Trish McEvoy’s modern Jean Shrimpton-inspired look.

“This look still looks glamorous to me today. I always start by keeping the colour on the eyelid even.  I place a touch of contour on the crease, but not too much.  Here is the key technique: I focus on lining twice. I use a liner in between the lash and then again using a liquid or powder shadow to create that full, defined liner look.  Skin, of course, should be even with just a wash of colour on the cheeks – lips barely there. It’s a great look.”


Trish McEvoy’s Best of America

Favorite hotel: Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California

Favorite holiday destination: Years ago it was Aspen. Today, it is my New York apartment or home in Southampton

Favorite restaurant: Gotham Bar & Grill

Favorite book: F.Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

Favorite fashion magazine: ELLE

Favorite musician: Prince

Favorite designers: Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren

Favorite film: The Godfather