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  • Skincare's New Super Power Plants

    Skincare’s new ‘Super Power Plants’

    Add ‘harungana’ and ‘gorse’ extract to your skincare shopping list this season. Clarins adds both to the new generation of Super Restorative Creams to help lift, regenerate skin & target wrinkles.…

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    Fade Sun Spots

      Fade Sun Spots What are they: Also called liver spots (although they have no relation to the liver), age spots are flat, brown/black oval-shaped spots that generally appear on sun-exposed…

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    Seven Anti-Aging Truths

    In the 10 years I’ve been a beauty expert on Cityline, arguably the most common question I get from viewers is about anti-aging products. It’s no wonder. Flip through any fashion…

  • shine free model image
    Featured News Tip Sheet

    Shine Free

    Shine Free Beauty dilemma: shiny complexion by noon The cause: late summer humidity and hot temperatures that feel more July than September The expert: Sara Whittaker, Clinique National Education Manager The…

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    Featured News Tip Sheet

    Eye Skincare

     Eye Skincare: Are wrinkles and spots around the eyes giving away your true age?  Fine lines around the eyes often show up in your 20s combined with dark circles due to a…

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    Sensitive Skin?

    The concern: stinging, blotchy, itchy skin The expert: Celeste Lutrario, Vice President, Research & Development, Burt’s Bees The skin condition: “Sensitive skin is used to describe a skin condition of people…

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    Winter-Dry Skin?

      Winter-Dry Skin?     In the eleven years I’ve been appearing on Citytv’s Cityline program, the most common skincare question I get is about how to solve dry skin. Winter…

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    Outsmart the Sun

    Lying by a pool in the heat of summer may feel heavenly, but those UV rays are your biggest skin threat. They age skin faster than any other factor. Here’s how…