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    Fade Sun Spots

      What are they: Also called liver spots (although they have no relation to the liver), age spots are flat, brown/black oval-shaped spots that generally appear on sun-exposed areas of the…

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    Seven Anti-Aging Truths

    In the 10 years I’ve been a beauty expert on Cityline, arguably the most common question I get from viewers is about anti-aging products. It’s no wonder. Flip through any fashion…

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    Shine Free

    Shine Free Beauty dilemma: shiny complexion by noon The cause: late summer humidity and hot temperatures that feel more July than September The expert: Sara Whittaker, Clinique National Education Manager The…

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    Eye Skincare

     Eye Skincare: Are wrinkles and spots around the eyes giving away your true age?  Fine lines around the eyes often show up in your 20s combined with dark circles due to a…

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    Sensitive Skin?

    The concern: stinging, blotchy, itchy skin The expert: Celeste Lutrario, Vice President, Research & Development, Burt’s Bees The skin condition: “Sensitive skin is used to describe a skin condition of people…

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    Winter-Dry Skin?

      Winter-Dry Skin?     In the eleven years I’ve been appearing on Citytv’s Cityline program, the most common skincare question I get is about how to solve dry skin. Winter…

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    Outsmart the Sun

    Lying by a pool in the heat of summer may feel heavenly, but those UV rays are your biggest skin threat. They age skin faster than any other factor. Here’s how…

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      Skin Brightening The goal: porcelain-smooth, luminous skin The problem: dark spots, lack of clear uniformity to complexion, dull skin tone Scientific explanation: a combination of past sun damage and genetics.…