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Best Bridal Scents

With the popularity of such reality TV shows such as “Say Yes To The Dress” and “My Fair Wedding”, and “I Found the Gown”, it’s surprising that bridal consultants don’t spend more time with fragrance consultations for the big day. Christian Dior never let a client leave his Paris atelier without a final spritz of fragrance. And that was particularly true with brides for whom he designed couture wedding gowns. “A women isn’t fully dressed until she adds a spritz of perfume,” he used to say.

“Fragrance is the sense most closely associated with memory,” explains Celine Launay, L’Oreal’s Fine Fragrance Expert in Paris. “You can remember a special occasion or place through perfume. It helps us remember happy times.” And nowhere is this truer than on your wedding day. By selecting a fragrance and wearing it throughout the day, you’ll be imprinting the day into your memory. One sniff, even years later, and you’ll instantly remember your wedding day.

oscar de la renta bridal

Here are some pro tips to get the most from your bridal scent.

  1. White floral scents are most traditional. “When I think of a wedding fragrance, I immediately imagine a white floral bouquet,” says Marie Duron, Director of Fragrance Development at L’Oreal in New York. “Jasmine, orange flower and even white rose are in perfect taste for a wedding. Any fragrance with those notes in it will smell beautiful.”
  1. Match the fragrance to your dress style. When selecting a fragrance for your wedding, take a close look at your dress silhouette and design. If you chose a very minimal, streamlined dress, pick a scent with a similar mood. REVEAL Calvin Klein would complement a very simple dress. On the other hand, a heavily embellished gown with Swarovski Crystals and lace detailing needs a more outgoing fragrance. Look for a fragrance that has an exotic ingredient like Tiger Orchid or Passion Fruit Flower.

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  1. Buy a new scent exclusively for your wedding day. Start your marriage with a clean slate – literally. It’s time to discard any fragrances you wore with former boyfriends. You starting a new life with your soon-to-be husband so you want a scent that reminds you of him…and only him. Pick out “your” scent as a new couple and save it until the morning of your wedding day. You’ll make olfactory memories that will last a lifetime.
  1. Choose a scent for your bridesmaids. There is nothing worse than walking down the aisle and following the scent trail of one of your bridesmaids. You don’t want someone wearing an overwhelming scent beside you as you exchange vows. By selecting a subtle scent that complements your fragrance, you’ll keep the focus on your signature perfume for the day.


  1. Engrave your perfume bottles. One of the loveliest bridesmaid gifts you can give is an engraved bottle of fragrance. Brands like Burberry, Thierry Mugler and Calvin Klein often host engraving events in department stores. What a great way to mark you wedding day and say “thank you”.
  1. Hair mist. The latest trend in perfume is scented hair mist. Chanel and Dior both offer hair mists of their most popular fragrances. This is a great way to scent your wedding veil. Just don’t spray it directly on your dress or veil. Spray a cloud of scent and wave your veil through the mist of scent.
  1. Switch it up for the reception. Don’t be afraid to chance up your fragrance for the reception and dinner. You might want to add something with a little more energy and spirit to it. You don’t want something overly sexy. But an upbeat floral would be fun.
  1. Match your scent to your floral bouquet. I’m sure when Martha Stewart walked down the aisle she made sure her fragrance matched the flowers in her bridal bouquet. You can always make sure you include flowers that are featured in your perfume.

bridal party

  1. Honeymoon scent. I know of two brides who bought a completely different fragrance just for their honeymoon. This is particularly smart if you are traveling to a very warm, humid climate. Scent molecules expand when heated so the strength of your perfume will increase. Choose an eau de toilette or a cologne version.
  1. Spritz your pillowcase. And finally, spritz your pillow before retiring on your wedding night. You’ll remember the entire day and associate the scent with very happy memories.

Six chic wedding day scents to consider:


elie saabElie Saab Le Parfum

miss dior blooming bouquet

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

calvin klein eternityCalvin Klein Eternity


bottega venetaBottega Veneta

ralph lauren romance

Ralph Lauren Romance


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