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YSL’s Moroccan Summer

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.19.52 AMIt is no secret that Yves Saint Laurent adored Morocco. He had a vacation home there and would visit as often as he could, spending hours exploring the markets and relaxing with close friends. The Majorelle Garden in particular inspired several collections throughout his remarkable career. For summer 2014, Lloyd Simmonds, Creative Director for YSL Beaute Makeup, takes inspiration of the blues so dear to Monsieur Saint Laurent. In particular, he was fascinated by the movements of water mirroring the sun. Pop colours, contemporary contrasts and cool azure respond to an ocher “wash” on the eyes. Orange and fuchsia form a vibrant duo on lips and cheeks and find a perfect echo in the Celadon blue nails.

“For this collection, my mind was full of all the shades of blue that surround us in summer, like the blue of rippling water, reflecting flashes of orange and golden light at the magic hour when the sun sets. It’s a rich, intense shade that heightens the warm tones of summer and suffuses a soothing feeling of peace and calm,” says Simmonds.

The star product from the collection is the Summer Look Couture Palette that features the YSL Cassandra logo over a turquoise and gold background. It is absolutely stunning! A reinterpretation of YSL’s legendary Mondrian dresses, the 5-shadow palette allows you endless combinations for any summer occasion. From simple sexy monochrome to the boldest couture look, the compact offers matte or metallic, dense or transparent finishes.

“The new Couture Palette has a very arty, graphic look,” adds the artist. “A gorgeous way to freely play with colour, by starting with one shade or combining several. The dark shade can be used either to shape and sculpt the eyes, the lighter one to highlight, and the others to modulate and contrast, like fashion accessories.”

When creating the ad visual (pictured), Simmonds took a minimalist approach. “I wanted to show how to use pure colour, without contrasts, like a wash of water colour – even using only one colour the impact is strong and captivating. For each makeup, I chose one of the colours in the couture palette. On one hand, a hot coppery orange and on the other an aquatic Majorelle blue. I applied the colour in a block and used a wide brush to blend the contours. Eyes are simply outlined with mascara. The colour flows along the eyelids in a supremely sexy, but extra easy effect.”

“I coordinated the eye makeup with the new Baby Doll Kiss and Blush, that I generously applied on the lips and in small, blended touches on the cheeks. To with a coppery tone on the eyes, I used Kiss and Blush No. 4 Orange Fougueux for a hot, supremely summery colour match. To pair with cool, blue eyes, I chose Kiss and Blush No 1 Fuchsia Desinvolte creating a disarmingly warm/cool contrast.”

Following on the worldwide success of Baby Doll Kiss and Blush, a cheek and lip colour hybrid, Lloyd offers new ways to play with the colours for summer. “I like the idea of playing with colour without any taboos. For example, to ensure a radiant look all summer, I turn to Kiss and Blush No. 12 Moca Garconne into a bronzer. Applied in touches on the cheekbones, along the ridge of the nose, bordering the hairline and beneath the chin, and then blended into a sun-kissed veil with a wide brush, the complexion looks tanned and naturally luminous.”