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Vanishing makeup?

Beauty 911: makeup that disappears by noon

The challenge: make your makeup stay put all day

The expert: Eric Antoniotti, Clarins’ International Artistic & Training Director

Quick fix: Amp up the moisture in your skincare

Makeup pitfall to avoid: Never apply makeup on dry, dehydrated skin.


“One of the biggest problems I see around the world is makeup that disappears in hours,” declares Clarins’ Eric Antoniotti. “That’s because dehydrated skin will actually absorb the oils and moisture it needs from the foundation and makeup. The result is patchy and uneven coverage. And even worse, makeup that completely disappears.Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 5.26.11 PM


Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 5.25.52 PMThe secret to long-lasting colour, says Antoniotti, is proper skincare.” He estimates that 80 percent of his clients around the world don’t properly prepare the skin before applying makeup. “Most women avoid richer creams in the fall because they think it will make their makeup look heavy, but it is exactly the opposite.  Makeup should sit on a nice base layer of moisture.  It will glide on easier and remain longer.”  He says to start by cleansing skin then applying the proper moisturizer for your skin condition.  Wait a couple minutes and see if the skin has absorbed the product.  If so, apply another thin layer. “You should always apply makeup on plump, perfectly hydrated skin.”  He adds that strong pigment will look brighter on moisturized skin. “It actually enhances the colour.”


Pro-tip: Spend extra time moisturizing the eye contour area.  Most women have very dry lids and eye contours. This alone will make your shadows last longer.


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