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Try these lipstick duos!

Try these lipstick duos

 lipstick model

Catwalk beauty is all about the lip this season. Ombré or gradated colour designs appeared on dozens of runways – in either dramatic tones or very subtle versions. What makes it a fun trend is it gives new life to your lipstick wardrobe. You can now combine different colours to create fashionable makeup looks in minutes. To help make sense of this trend, we’ve asked Lancome’s National Makeup Artist Myles Sexton to share his favourite lipstick duos along with some pro tips.

lancome national makeup artist myles sexton

Lancome National Makeup Artist Myles Sexton


Runway-inspired lips

 lancome lip design

Contrasting Lip Design:  To Create a bold two-toned lip, apply Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick in Shade 191 along the bottom lip and press lips together. Next, take L’Absolu Rouge in Indecise Sheer and blend the transferred Jezebel onto the top lip to create this look.

lancome l'absolu rouge 191 jezebel

L’Absolu Rouge 191 Jezebel

lancome l'absolu rouge indecise

L’Absolu Rouge 122 Indecise


lancome ombre lip designOmbré Lip: To create a Ombré landscape lip, apply L’Absolu Rouge in Rouge Flamboyant Matte on the left side of your top and bottom lip. Fade the colour to the center of both lips. From the right side meeting in the center of your lip, blend shade 366 Le Rose PersanMatte. Make sure to blend well in the center of your lips to create a whole new transition of color.

lancome l'absolu rouge flamboyant 198

L’Absolu Rouge Flamboyant 198

lancome l'absolu rouge 366 le rose persan

L’Absolu Rouge Le Rose Persan

Lancome rose lip designRose-Inspired Lip – I like to compare this lip look as a beautiful rose. It’s full of dimension and bursting with color. To create this rose-inspired lip look apply Shade 198 Rouge Flamboyant to the edges of your top and bottom lip. Then stipple Shade 378 Rose Lancome in the matte texture in the centre of your top and bottom lip. With a Lip Brush pull the color out from the center of the lips meeting the color on the edges.

lancome l'absolu rouge flamboyant 198

L’Absolu Rouge Flamboyant 198

lancome l'absolu rouge lancome 378

L’Absolu Rouge Rose Lancome 378


Subtle lip duos


lancome lip pout chartPink Pout – To create a soft pouty pink lip apply Shade 378 Rose Lancome Matte to the edges of the lip and blend to the center. In the center of the top and bottom lip apply Shade 317 Pourqoui Pas? Sheer and fade it into the edges.  This will create a shiny center to your matte lip making the lips appear more pouty.

lancome l'absolu rouge lancome 378

L’Absolu Rouge in Rose Lancome

lancome l'absolu rouge in pourquoi pas

L’Absolu Rouge in Pourquoi Pas

lancome lip chart cupid's bowCute Cupid’s Bow Lip – Want a little more lift in your cupid’s bow? Apply Shade 368 Rose Lancome Cream Lipstick on the bottom and top edges of your upper lip but avoid the heart-shaped area your cupid bow makes.  In your cupids bow, apply shade 381 Rendez-Vous Cream lipstick. Applying a slightly lighter color with a shiny texture will create the illusion of a fuller lip.

lancome l'absolu rouge lancome 378

L’Absolu Rouge Rose Lancome 368

l'absolu rouge in rendez-vou 381

L’Absolu Rouge Rendez-Vous 381

lancome lip chartFuller-Looking Lip Design – Tiny upper or lower Lip? For a fuller upper lip, apply shade 321 Happy Rose Sheer to the bottom of your lip  and then apply shade 378 Rose Lancome Sheer to the entire top lip. Make sure to blend the two where they meet in the middle. Applying a slightly lighter color to your entire upper lip will create the illusion of more fullness. To create a larger bottom lip reverse these lip shades doing 321 on the top lip and 378 on the bottom.

l'absolu rouge in rendez-vou 381

L’Absolu Rouge 321 Happy Rose

lancome l'absolu rouge lancome 378

L’Absolu Rouge Rose Lancome


Tip: If you need to quickly clean up the edges of your lipstick try using a transparent lip pencil.

lipstick model

Lancome is available in Canada at Hudson’s Bay stores and thebay.com

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