The Tomaso Trussardi interview

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The Tomaso Trussardi interview

Name: Tomaso Trussardi

Job title: CEO 

Company: Italian luxury fashion house, Trussardi

Founded: 1910

Global luxury retailer: 440 stores in 23 companies.

Education: master’s degree in corporate finance from Bocconi University in Milan


The backstory: Italy’s famed Trussardi fashion house began in 1910 as a luxury glove maker.  Dante Trussardi, a visionary craftsman and businessman, designed gloves for the elite of Europe using the finest leathers and stitching. But it was his grandson, Nicola who is credited for building the business into the aspirational lifestyle brand it is today. He expanded the product line to include fine accessories, ready-to-wear fashion, and custom projects.  He inked deals for Trussardi to design airplane interiors for Alitalia, car interiors for Alfa Romeo and even helicopters. He was also instrumental popularizing the made-in-Italy label around the globe.

Sadly Nicola died in a car accident in 1999. His eldest son Francis faced a similar fate in 2003, leaving the then 29-year-old Tomaso Trussardi in the unenviable position of being one of the youngest entrepreneurs of Italy’s historic luxury fashion houses.  Along with his sister Beatrice, Tomaso now helps lead the company into new ventures and markets, particularly China.


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The Tomaso interview:

We are the fourth generation of a family who has operated a business in the luxury and fashion industry for a century. Although I was born in a glamorous environment, our parents wanted to educate us with traditional values and the warmth of the family. This helped give us an overview of all life aspects and not just a focus on fashion.

There are many topics we like to talk about when we have dinner all together. First of all, we try, when possible, not to discuss work matters but to distract ourselves talking about current exhibits, cinema, books we are reading or particular travels we’d like to do.

I like to wake early in the morning and start my day reading some newspapers.  After that, I always go to the Cafè Trussardi where I love having breakfast. Then I start working for the rest of the day until it is time to return home. In the evening, I relax by having dinner with close friends or by reading a good book.

Trussardi is a lifestyle brand. Our Group deals with the four fields that make Italy a point of reference in the world: fashion, design, art and food. Consequently we always strive for excellence. Every time that Trussardi enters a new area, it combines the experience and reputation of its past with the same passion. The starting point for every project is an accurate research, which is always a great challenge. I enjoy every step of creating something new.

“A boring person cannot really be attractive.  Your character always kind of fills up your looks, and fashion is a wonderful instrument to emphasize whatever you seek to express.” – Tomaso Trussardi to the St. Petersburg Times

There are many architects that I admire – particularly contemporary architects. I’ve had the privilege to work with some. For example, for the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair, we collaborated with designer Michael Young on a design project.

Any new Trussardi fragrance reflects elegance, tradition and innovation. When creating a new perfume, the team looks at the cultural changes that are going through our society. The goal is to express our time and to give certainty in a difficult moment like this.

I think that every guy looks for self-confidence, elegance, and strength when buying a fragrance. The perfume is fundamental for a man or a woman: it gives you confidence, it underlines your attitude, it strengthens your personality. This is why I believe that every man should wear fragrance before going out, in every moment of the day.

When starting in a senior role, I’ve learned that, as a “novice”, putting questions in a humble way was a good and effective approach to learn the business. The positive reaction from the people I was dealing with helped also in gaining mutual respect. Cultivating curiosity is also another important lesson that I’ve learned.

“It is important to remember that in Italy, as probably nowhere else, fashion is inseparable from art and the history of art.  The connection has always been precious for Trussardi, and we consider it one of the brand’s signature qualities.”


Tomaso’s favourites:

Best nightclub in the world: I don’t go often to clubs

Best airline to fly: Emirates

Favourite motorcycle: Mv Agusta

Favourite cocktail or drink: St. Germain Spritz

Sport: tennis

Favourite reading material: books on philosophy

What’s on your iPod right now: Muse

Most valued trait: patience

Favourite vacation destination and why: Elba Island. It’s beautiful and has an amazing view. We have a family house there and I have been going there since I was a child. I have such great memories

What are your favourite fragrance notes? Leather and lavender

Champagne of choice: Bruno Paillard npu 1999

All-time best party: I don’t have a lot of time to go to parties




A sophisticated fougere-woody scent for men
Notes: Italian lemon, geranium, leather accord
Eau de toilette, 100 ml


Trussardi Donna

A floral Oriental scent for women
Notes: Water fruits, jasmine tea and white patchouli
Eau de toilette, 100 ml