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Spring Plum

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“Love a smoky eye? Rework it this spring with bright plums for a youthful, yet sophisticated look.”


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The fashion: Spring collections tend to focus on white and bright colours. But Spring 2015 saw a lot of black fashion coming down the runway. This plum smoky eye complemented the fashion by adding just the right amount of colour.

The look: a fresh take on the smoky eye

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The shades: Rich plums with pink tinge

Catwalk inspiration: Vera Wang, Ter et Bantine, Chisato, Matthew Williamson

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A new shape: You’ll notice in most of the shows, that the shadow extends below the eye as well. Traditional smoky eyes keep the shadow on the lid, but pro artists have been playing with shape. Bringing the colour below the lashline gives this smoky eye a younger vibe.

Add mascara: Since the focus is the eye with this makeup, finish it off with several coats of volume mascara.

A nude lip: Dial down the colour on the lip if you want to play up the eye with such colour and drama. Keep the focus on one feature.

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The technique: Blend, blend, blend. This is a wash of colour around the eye so make sure there are no hard lines.

Intensity: Build your colour slowly. You can make this look quite subtle or you can really add colour for night.

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An outline: Use a skin tone pencil to create a faint outline. Then colour in with your shadow. It’s the easiest way to create the perfect shape.

The Selfie Test: Want to make sure you have an even shape around each eye? Take a selfie when finished. You’ll instantly see if the shape is balanced.

Best advice: Practice, practice, practice. This is one look that requires some skill. But once you master it, you’ll be able to create a fashion-forward look in minutes.


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    February 4, 2015 at 12:49 pm

    SO GLAD to see purple popping up for spring! It’s one of my favourite eye shadow colours so it’s nice to see it on trend again.

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