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One of the most common summer skincare concerns is shine. When temperatures and humidity levels rise, skin starts producing excess sebum. Several beauty editor friends of mine carry oil blotting papers with them in their bags. Others will use oil-absorbing powders to keep the shine in check. We decided to ask Clinique’s Sara Whittaker to share her best tips on controlling oil in summer months.

Beauty dilemma: shiny complexion by noon

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The cause: late summer humidity and hot temperatures that feel more July than September

The expert: Sara Whittaker, Clinique National Education Manager

The diagnosis: “Oil spreads more easily in warmer temperatures and oil that might have stayed under the surface of the skin with heat and humidity flows easily through the pores and mixes with perspiration creating a shiny, greasy feel to the skin.”

skincare modelFirst line of attack: “Thorough cleansing and custom-fit exfoliation will reduce oil build-up and keep skin clear of clogging up. You have to control oil to reduce the shine.”

skincare modelCustom solution: “Begin with a thorough cleansing without stripping or drying the skin with a liquid soap designed specifically for oily skin. Next, use a liquid exfoliant such as a Clarifying Lotion twice a day (or more if you feel like you would like to wash your face more often.) I recommend using an Acne Solutions Oil Controlling Mask as a weekly treatment to absorb excess oil and keep pores clean and clear. A Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector will create a natural matte finish that lasts up to eight hours and is sweat and humidity resistant. It’s a favourite of pro makeup artists as it can be worn under or over makeup – perfect for a late afternoon oil spill.”

Oil-controlling makeup: “Use an oil absorbing foundation to keep skin looking clean and clear. Oil absorbing pressed powder will look sheer and add coverage.

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Final word of advice: “Adjust your beauty routine based on the weather but overdo it. Oil free moisturizers and oil absorbing makeup should do the trick.”

Six Essential Oil-taming Clinique Products:

  1. Clinique Liquid Facial Mild Soap Oily Skin Formula
  2. Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3
  3. Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup
  4. Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector
  5. Clinique Stay-Matte Invisible Pressed Powder
  6. Clinique Acne Solutions Oil-Control Cleansing Mask

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