Rouge G Collectors

Luxury lipstick fans take note: there is a pair of very limited edition Guerlain Rouge G lipsticks coming this month that are stunningly beautiful. For the first time, Guerlain has replaced the black casing with a pair of fashion colours the match the shades of the lipstick inside. Rose Grenat is a deep raspberry red and Rose Glace is a soft ballerina pink. Each will retail for $54.

This could be the start of a new packaging trend in beauty and elevate the prestige lipstick category. For years, beauty houses have offered limited edition makeup palettes and bronzer compacts. YSL is renowned for its seasonal eyeshadow palettes and Guerlain designs the most intricate bronzing powders. But few have worked with lipstick casing, in part because it is so expensive to do. Lipstick bullets are produced in huge volumes to keep pricing down so when you attempt to change that for a run of say 500 in a different colour or design, the price skyrockets. But the price may be worth it as a way to stand out in a very competitive market. If these special editions sell out quickly, watch for Guerlain to offer more shades in the future.