• Paris

    French Skincare Secrets from Clarins

    #sponsored I’ve been a big fan of French skincare brand Clarins since I first started writing about the beauty industry many years ago as editor of Cosmetics magazine and a style…

  • Tracy Moore and Dave Lackie on Cityline

    7 Skincare Superstars you need to try

    7 Skincare Superstars you need to try This month’s Cityline beauty segment focuses on seven really interesting skincare products that combine great quality ingredients, cutting-edge science and excellent delivery systems. Here’s…

  • Clarins & FEED

    Clarins & FEED: 2022 Gift-With-purpose campaign

    Eleven years ago, French beauty brand Clarins revolutionized the industry’s gift-with-purchase approach thanks to a collaboration with FEED. It was a chance encounter between Lauren Bush Lauren and Christian Courtin-Clarins that…

  • News

    New Winners’ Gallery

    Here is a selection of photos from my latest beauty winners around the world. Thank you to all the winners who have shared their photos with me. Wishing everyone luck in…