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Backstage with Armani Beauty’s Tim Quinn

Tim Quinn is one of the most in-demand celebrity makeup artists in America. Whether working on a TV set or backstage during fashion week, designers and actresses rely on him to create a natural, flawless look. As Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Official makeup artist, he shares his pro tips with women around the world update their look and select the best shades for their skin tones. Here, he shares an inside view of his remarkable life.


Tim Quinn: In his own words

Mr. Armani likes complexions on the runway to be a little paler than they naturally are. He always has a very specific idea of how he wants his models to look. It’s always about the clothes first and how the makeup can complement the clothes.

armani catwalk spring 2015

What’s interesting about working backstage at a Giorgio Armani fashion show is how organized everything is. He built his own runway in a beautiful building so that he can completely control how his collections are presented. Some backstage locations during Milan Fashion Week are so crowded with few makeup stations. But every makeup artist and model has his or her own station with perfect lighting at an Armani show. It’s also perfectly quiet. It’s orderly and completely organized. I think I’ve been doing his shows for 14 years or so. The presentation he did a few years ago in Beijing is a highlight for me.


tim quinnI love working with Uma Thurman and Glenn Close. When Glenn returned to Broadway she asked me to help with her makeup. I love that she completely transforms into the character. She’s open to trying anything. Working on American Horror Story was also a memorable experience. I discovered that Gabby Sidibe absolutely loves makeup.


One of the strangest experiences I’ve ever had in makeup was being hired to do makeup for a Princess in Dubai last month. Due to their laws, I wasn’t able to touch her since I am a man. Only women could apply her makeup. So I had to stand by and instruct the artist on what makeup to use.


Life changes are a catalyst for many women to change their makeup. A divorce, baby or marriage is when clients come to me looking to update their look. I’ve learned over the years that people don’t look at themselves objectively in the mirror. They tend to get stuck with the same look. It’s so common. My very favourite clients are those recovering from cancer. That really touches my heart.

tim quinn

The best makeup tip I can give anyone is to warm the product in the palm of your hand before applying it. I find this helps break down the pigment a little and makes it easier to apply. This is especially true of liquid foundation and concealer, but I’ll also do this with lipstick. I like working with my fingers.


The biggest mistake I see is mismatched complexions. I see so many women wearing the wrong shade of foundation. They don’t realize that you need a wardrobe of foundations since your skin tone changes season-to-season.

armani lipstick

Rouge Esctasy 202 Milano

I always love a nude lip. Rouge Ecstasy 202 Milano is a warmer nude with deep hazelnut undertones. There isn’t anyone I can’t but that shade on. I like to dab it on with my finger for a sheer hint of colour. It’s so popular it sells out all the time. #526 is also a great nude as it has tiny flecks of pink in it. Both Megan Fox and Glenn Close love Rouge Armani 510 – a beautiful peachy pink. It is another universal colour that works on almost everyone.

rouge armani 510

Rouge Armani 510


Rose gold blush looks great as an eyeshadow. That’s a pro trick I use all the time on my celebrity clients.


Enhancing the brow area can really make a big difference to your look. Carefully grooming and adding a little natural colour can really finish a look.


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