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As the New Year begins, many people will find themselves changing jobs or returning to the workforce in an office environment. This can be a bit stressful especially if you’ve been away for a bit. To give you some professional advice, I’ve asked Elizabeth Arden’s Jamie Petrovic to share some tricks and techniques to help you look and feel confident in your new role.


Dave: So many people return to the workplace early in the New Year. It may be after a maternity leave or the start of a brand new position. I have many, many followers ask how to update their makeup look. To start, tell us a little bit about how makeup trends and products change over time.

Jamie: The days of choosing a popular makeup item such as a simple lipstick can seem tricky these days as there are many different forms of a lipstick. Whether it’s a liquid lip, liquid stain, sheer lip treatment or plumping lip colour treatment – make-up products expand into different textures & formulas over time. This is why choosing the best formula & colour for oneself is always important. As trends come and go, it’s always a smart idea to invest in colours & products that compliment and look good on you such as a simple liner, a slightly bolder lip shade, or adding some definition to the brows.


Dave: How do you keep your makeup looking current and not dated?

Jamie: As we see the first trends in fashion off the runways, we also see some makeup trends from the runway shows as well that play into the beauty industry. Although some of the makeup trends off the fashion runways may not be flattering for everyday wear, doing a little research online looking at the latest shades launched by beauty brands will help. Other suggestions are following beauty stories online, reading editorial magazines, or visiting your local beauty expert at your favourite store to guide you in the right direction.


Dave: What makeup looks modern to you for 2018?

Jamie: Some of the makeup modern trends for 2018 are a return to the smokey eye with vibrant colours (blues, purples, pastels), a dramatic liner above the lashes and the blurred lip (Lipstick being blended on the outer edges of the lip pencil, creating a blurred look to the lips).


Although some of these modern looks appeal to many, my take on the ultimate modern clean makeup look for 2018 is a light smokey eye playing with blues, purple pastels, clean winged navy-blue liquid/pencil eyeliner, and defined confident brows. Mascara of course is a must, finishing the skin off with contour/highlighting and adding a slight pop of colour to the cheeks.

arden eyeshadow palette

This spring season, neutral lip colours will be present but colourful lip shades within the pink and plum families will make an appearance.


I personally love the classic lip pencil since it is so versatile to recreate the shape of the mouth, and even to shade in for an additional base to the lipstick.


The last few years were all about the ‘no make-up, make-up look’, but now women are welcoming some colour back into their make-up wardrobe.



Dave: What are the pitfalls to avoid when returning to the workplace?


Jamie: Since many women probably go ‘make-up free’ either during maternity leave (myself included) or after taking a few weeks off, the one pitfall to avoid is not overdoing it with makeup! I recommend you start applying makeup again about 1-2 weeks prior to heading back to work to get comfortable wearing makeup and not creating a stressful moment the morning you’re heading back to work. There is nothing more frustrating than rushing to apply your products the morning you get back into the work force and poking yourself in the eye with your mascara!


elizabeth arden's jamie petrovic

Dave: What are your go-to shades for the work environment?

Jamie: Whether your work environment is a hot advertising agency or an accounting firm, you want to feel comfortable with the colours and makeup you are wearing. Every woman has their own makeup personality, and it can be just changing up your usual lipstick that can create the ‘wow’ factor for you, or filling in the brows is another ‘wow’ moment for me. Pinks, browns, corals and soft grey blues are easy to work with and can be dressed up or down depending on your work environment.


The ‘must have’ items that I feel complete a ‘work make-up wardrobe’ are: Primer, foundation & powder if desired, bronzer and or contour/highlighter, blush, brow powder/pencil/gel, eyeshadows (some great shades from our Trio Eyeshadow collection are Oh So Pink & Forever Plum that are easy to use), eyeliner above & close to the lashes and finally for the eyes…mascara!


For the lips: Lip primer (A necessity if you find your lipstick bleeds and doesn’t stay on), lip pencil, lipstick or any other lip colour formula product.


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Dave: Please share a few time-saving makeup tips for rushed mornings.

Jamie: Have your brushes already cleaned the night before and placed out on your bathroom counter along with the larger packaged makeup products that you would use. Keep your smaller makeup items such as your liners, lipsticks, gloss in a small cosmetics bag, since most women take this with them for the day to touch up.


Use products that work best for your lifestyle. For example, use a compact foundation vs a liquid foundation, or use an eyeliner pencil vs a liquid eyeliner. This can save some time and even be applied in the backseat of an Uber!



Dave: What is your philosophy about preparing to return to regular work?

Jamie: When I returned to work after being off for about a year, I was really excited about returning to the workforce as I realized I’m such a social creature and love being around people! Regular work creates a regular routine for some, or a new habit that can be exciting to many.


My philosophy would also be creating that ‘Work-life balance’. I personally find this important especially for women as this adds good emotional health for the soul to balance our lives and have a successful work & family life!


Elizabeth Arden beauty is available in Canada at Hudson’s Bay stores and


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