Gucci Makeup

Gucci Makeup

gucci makeup
gucci makeup

Allesandro Michele unveils an extensive collection of luxurious lipsticks with a nod to Italian tradition.

Brand: Gucci

City: Florence, Italy

Launch: Gucci Makeup

Creative Director: Alessandro Michele

gucci makeup
gucci makeup

Forward Vintage: Alessandro has taken the most modern lipstick formulas he could develop in cream satin, sheer and balm textures and then dressed them in gold, turquoise and rose print packaging. But this isn’t any ordinary luxe lipstick. The Gucci designer has spent hours obsessing over every last detail – from the shape, the weight, the exact colour, and how the cap slides over the bullet. It’s a work of art that celebrates Gucci’s rich heritage .The rose print design is one of his very favourite Gucci fashion patterns.

gucci satin lipstick
Gucci satin lipstick

Gucci Rouge A Levres Satin Lipstick, $49

There is a jaw-dropping 36 shades in this collection of cream satin lipsticks that ranges from nudes through pinks, reds and deep berries. Imagine a modern Gucci fashion collection with its kaleidoscope of colours and you get the idea behind these shades. Each comes in a gold ribbed bullet.

gucci  sheer lipstick
Gucci Sheer Lipstick

Gucci Rouge A Levres Voile Lipstick, $49

If you prefer sheer lipstick in summer, Gucci offers 18 shades in a lightweight, moisturizing formula. The Voile boasts the rose print packaging.

Gucci Lip Balm
Gucci Lip Balm

Baume A Levres, $49

Michele is a fan of lip balm so he created four shades of an ultra-moisturizing balm.

gucci makeup
gucci makeup

Gucci makeup is available in Canada at select Holt Renfrew stores.

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    Tink Chhe
    June 6, 2019 at 9:32 am

    They look really vintage and creamy i would try them wonder how the pigment and stay-ability holds up

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