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Four autumn makeup tips

Elizabeth Arden’s Global Makeup Artist, Rebecca Restepro is determined to make fall makeup quick and easy. Refreshingly down-to-earth and practical, this pro artist knows that most women are under tremendous time pressure in the morning and need to make themselves up in minutes. Here she shares five tips to look better, faster.

1. Tame your eyeshadow palette

“Using several shades in your eye makeup creates dimension and drama. For eyes that pop, sweep the lightest shade over the lid from the lash line to brow. Swipe the second lightest shade over the whole lid. Next, create a ‘V’ along the outer and lower lash lines with the darkest shade. Finally, use the deepest shade as a liner along the upper and lower lash lines.”

2. Try gold gloss

“Using a gold shade of lip gloss on lips creates a gorgeous natural nude. You can also layer the shade on top of other lip colours to give them a more golden, alluring look.”

3.  Perfect your liner technique

“Apply eyeliner in short, connecting strokes instead of one long line to minimize any unevenness. Begin at the outer corner of the eye and glide the liner to the inner corner staying as close to the upper and lower lash lines as possible. Be sure to close where the lines meet at the outer corner. For a classic cat eye, I like to use Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful Colour Precision Glide Eyeliner’s ultra-fine tip to add a wing to the upper lash line. For a smokey eye, use the built-in smudger to gently blend the eye liner, especially along the upper lash line.”

4. Better brows

“For a natural look, start at the base and trace brows with short, upward strokes that mimic your actual hairs. To lift your brows and open the eye area, fill in the top of your natural arch with upward and outward strokes. To get the best perspective and fill brows in evenly, take a selfie on your phone. A photo gives you a full perspective of the balance and symmetry of your brows, which is a more accurate view than looking in a mirror. Using this method, you can see exactly where the gaps are that need to be filled in.”

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