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Cheek Pop

You can thank Michael Kors for championing the renaissance of blush on the catwalk. Pro Artist Dick Page, who keys the Kors’ show each season in New York City, started contouring models’ cheekbones with bold blush two seasons ago. It’s a particularly favourite 80s look of Kors, and Page played it up for the runway. Since then, MAC, NARS and Chanel have made blush front and center of their colour collections. Orange, pink, peach and plum powder blush quickly became bestsellers and you’ll notice Chanel in particular has brought back the most popular shades.

clinique cheek pop plumEnter Clinique’s Cheek Pop, a new take on the trend. In keeping with the brand’s streamlined approach to quick makeup solutions, Cheek Pop is a blush that promises a natural look with no trace of powder or buildup on cheeks. That’s a common complaint from women who struggle with powder brushes and proper contouring. An inch too high and you can look like an extra on Knot’s Landing. What makes this formula special is a patented, breakthrough technology that begins as a liquid then is transformed through a slow baking process into a distinct powder feel that is luxuriously lightweight. Coverage is sheer but is buildable for those who want a little more drama.

Clinique makeup artists recommend using a blush brush and swirling the bristles over the product. Sweep onto the apples of cheeks, gently blending the colour up towards the cheekbone and temple. The blush comes in four shades: Ginger Pop, Peach Pop, Berry Pop and Plum Pop and retails for $24.