Brooke Shields + MAC

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American actress Brooke Shields is the latest personality to collaborate on a capsule makeup collection for MAC. Following the success of Kelly and Sharon Osborne’s line this spring, MAC is preparing a 15-item colour cosmetic line that will bow in October featuring colours and products chosen by Shields. She told WWD that the project came about because she and MAC’s creative director, James Gager, visit the same coffee shop.

“There’s this little place I go to get coffee after I drop my kids off for school and after yoga or spin class, where I think no one will see me without makeup,” she told WWD. “Of course, who do I run into but James, Mr. MAC. After we talked a few times, he approached me about the next Icon line and asked if I would consider designing it with them.” She agreed and immediately starting looking at her own makeup collection – selecting items that she uses and colours she favours. She started smearing lipsticks and making colour swatches.

The star product is a 16-shade eyeshadow palette containing a full spectrum of shades in a variety of finishes. There’s a Veluxe Brow Liner in mid-tone grey and a handful of lip colours. The line debuts October 2nd in North America and later in the month in international doors.