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Agent Provacateur returns

British luxury lingerie brand Agent Provocateur is swinging back into the prestige fragrance category complete with a racy new ad campaign starring Monica Cruz. It’s all in support of a new fragrance is called “Fatale”, a voluptuous, sexy, addictive Floriental. Cruz, dressed in a lacy Agent Provocateur outfit, it photographed swinging from a chain, for the print ad.

“For me, it is a great pleasure to be able to continue collaborating with Agent Provocateur. Our relationship started two years ago and I’m delighted that it continues to grow and develop into new areas,” says Cruz. “I am privileged that they have seen in me the quality that they wish to communicate with this new fragrance. I just hope I am up to the task and that I can continue to enjoy working with them, as I always have, right from the first moment.”

The scent was created by Jean-Marc Chaillan of IFF and boasts notes of Madagascar pink pepper, mango nectar, blackcurrant, velvet gardenia, royal orris absolute, Indonesian patchouli, sultry skin musk, vanilla orchid, chocolate gourmand addiction and Spanish labdanum. It’s seductive and a little mysterious.

The concept of “Fatale” is 1940s Hollywood screen sirens. She is a night vixen who reveals a dark side of herself once the sun sets. She is both sensual and elegant.

The Agent Provocateur brand was actually conceived by Vivienne Westwood’s son and former wife, Joseph Corre and Serena Rees in 1994. It has since been purchased by a private equity firm that is committed to growing it into a truly global luxury brand. Joseph has since joined Illamasqua, the edgy British makeup brand.

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