5 Couleurs Reinvented

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In 1976, Dior created the 4 Ombres-Dior palette containing four eyeshadows arranged like a painter’s palette. They were to be applied on the eyelids in the order in which they were presented. Eleven years later, the French luxury House added a fifth element: a central shade for highlighting and creating interest. The palette was designed to mimic purse compacts. Understandably, they were a best-seller instantly.

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This month, Dior updates the palettes with a slimmer design and new textures and effects. The center colour is now the essential shade that sets the tone for the look. The colours are combined to offer a multitude of looks and makeup creations. Better yet, each palette boasts hues that can be used for daytime and evening looks.

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A natural, daytime look can be achieved with the upper trio of eyeshadows. When combined with the central shade, the two lighter shadows create subtle, everyday shading. For evening, the lower trio of shades adds drama. Pair the three bottom colours with the center hue for an intensely seductive look.

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In the same way that on the catwalk, Dior mixes the textured effects of velvet, leather, taffeta and silk, the 5 Couleurs palette drapes the eyes in pigments and textures with unexpected effects and shimmer. The matte shadows are muted yet intense. Wet-look textures bathe the eyes in an exceptional iridescent light. Satin shadows glide on leaving a dazzling film of colour.

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There are 13 original colour harmonies in the new line up. Five feature tone-on-tone shades, six are described as offering ‘delicate contrasts” and one is a vibrant clashing palette. Each retails for $61.

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