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  • Lancome spring look 2019

    Lancome’s Spring Collection 2019

    Lancome’s Spring Collection 2019 London-based celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge has once again created an innovative and flattering spring colour collection for French beauty brand Lancome. The limited edition lineup contains…

  • naomi campbell for nars

    Naomi Campbell for NARS

    Naomi Campbell for NARS   Long-time friend and muse of Francois Nars, Naomi Campbell signs on as face of NARS’s spring 2019 campaigns.     Famed celebrity makeup artist Francois Nars…

  • spring 19 beauty trends
    News Tip Sheet

    Spring 2019 Catwalk Beauty Trends

    Spring 2019 Catwalk Beauty Trends Fashion Week in New York, Paris, Milan and London often sets beauty trends for the coming season. The world’s top makeup artists collaborate with fashion designers…

  • Mac powder kiss lipstick

    MAC’s soft-focus Powder Kiss lipstick

    MAC unveils a Fashion Week-inspired lipstick called “Powder Kiss” MAC is upping the ante in the matte lipstick race with a clever new take on the texture. It’s called Powder Kiss…

  • Bouquet of roses

    Perfumer’s palette

    When master perfumers begin to create a new fragrance, they have approximately 3,000 raw ingredients with which to work with. Five hundred of those are natural raw materials from both the…

  • new gold bottles
    News Tip Sheet

    Perfume’s 7 Olfactory Families

    Perfume’s 7 Olfactory Families   Traditional perfumery classifies fragrances into seven different scent “families”. Each has its own character or personality. It’s similar to the way that vintners categorize different types…

  • guerlain cosmic beauty collection

    Guerlain’s Cosmic Beauty

    Guerlain’s Cosmic Beauty     Brand: Guerlain City: Paris Launch: Cosmic Beauty Holiday 2018 Collection Theme: spangled eyes, a golden veil that shimmers on skin, bijous for the lips –  makeup…